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Peer-based services for people seeking addiction recovery.

“Give Love & Opportunity” – Event

On Friday, October 25, Sarasotans will gather at the Historical Society of Sarasota for a “Give Love and Opportunity” event to support the work of Equal SRQ in combating the addiction crisis plaguing our community.


2024 “Give Love & Opportunity” – Event
Friday, October 25, 2024 6:30 – 8:30p
Historical Society of Sarasota County, 1260 12th St, Sarasota, FL 34236
Please note that 2024 sponsorship opportunites are extremely limited Reach out to learn about sponsorship opportunites (941) 544-8843.

Individual Tickets available for $45 each

EqualSRQ, inc is a 501(c)(3) corporation committed to improving mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional wellness for persons affected by substance use disorder in Sarasota County.

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EqualSRQ is Sarasota’s first peer-led, recovery community organization. When one of our neighbors living with Substance Use Disorder gets to that point in their recovery where they are overwhelmed and just can’t even, our state-licensed peers step in to get them over the hump.  What does this look like?  

Emily came to us having gone off her psychiatric meds because of concerns about her dosage, but would not visit the doctor to correct them.  The resulting chaos jeopardized her recovery. Over coffee and pie it emerged that she had grown up knowing that you couldn’t visit the doctor in dirty clothes, and she had no clean clothes. Our peer brought Emily to the shrubs where her clothes were stashed in a plastic bag, and then to the laundromat to get them doctor ready. As twenty dollars of quarters cascaded down the change machine, Emily said it was like winning the slots at Vegas.

Your support for “Give Love and Opportunity” means that folks like Emily can get the helping hand they need, in the form they need at the moment they need it most. 

A consensus is emerging among experts that the kind of one-to-one peer support offered by Equal SRQ, when integrated into a comprehensive system of treatment services, is the most cost effective intervention for individuals recovering from substance use disorders. This is especially true of the many folks also experiencing mental health, housing, and/or legal issues. 

Your support for “Give Love and Opportunity” shows the world that you walk hand in hand with our most vulnerable neighbors on their paths to recovery.

Each person’s path to recovery is unique, with  challenges that sometimes defy belief. Yet with humility, and compassion and active listening, our peers meet our participants where they are, offering solutions that can most help in the moment that is most helpful.

Equal SRQ is 100 percent privately funded for the next three years. We have a respected board of directors. Our staff formerly offered peer services through The Mental Health Community Center. We are a small and mighty team with big ambitions for our community.

Won’t you join hands with us to help end the scourge of substance use disorder in our community?

We promise a fun, easygoing evening with food trucks, a short program, and a chance to meet our staff and participants.

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We’re changing the landscape of addiction care in sarasota by providing free long-term recovery resources to adults 18 and older.

This is made possible through the generosity and support of you, our community!

For reservations, information or if you would like to place an advertisement or a greeting in the program, please call (941) 444-9736.

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EqualSRQ will start a tradition of awarding free access tickets to community members who want to attend during a difficult time. We have set aside up to 30 ticket for this event so that folks in need can join us. We’ll close the application form when all 30 tickets have been assigned or on Oct 10th, whichever comes first.

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